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Teachfloor allows you to generate meeting links through your existing personal or company Zoom account.


From Landing page

Please make sure you own an account Admin. Only the admin role has the ability to connect Teachfloor with Zoom.com.

Login to your Teachfloor account, click on Setting, then on Integrations, and finally "Connect to Zoom".

zoom integration

A Zoom pop-up window will open asking you to log in to your Zoom account. Please insert your credential and log in instead if you are already logged in to Zoom, you should simply accept the authorization.

Please click on Connect. At this point, you will be redirected to the Teachfloor page.



To create, edit and delete Zoom events please follow these simple steps

  1. Please log in and access a course already created or create a new course

  2. If you are creating a new course please fill in the course data such as Name and Descriptions and click "save". At this point create the first lesson by click on "Add Lesson"

    zoom integration
  3. Give a name to the lesson. At this point is possible to add the Zoom element to the new lesson or to an already created lesson (see picture 2) Click on "Add Element" and then on "Zoom Meeting" Element

  4. Once the element editor will be open, here you can set the Name and Description of the event, Date and Time, and Advance options such as: "Join Before host", "Waiting Room" and "Mute upon entry".

    Once finished setting up the Zoom event, please save and the event will be created into Teachfloor and synchronized into your Zoom account connected. For this same page is possible to edit the event and delete it at any time. To Edit please click on "settings" to view the module in edit mode, if you like to delete the Zoom module please click on the Bin icon

    Zoom meeting

  5. To access the event please click on "Open Zoom Meeting" this action will open the Zoom application and starts the event


We will create Zoom meeting links on your behalf. These links will be used internally on the website to link to each lesson. At the same time, all meetings created will be shown into your account Zoom.

We will access your Zoom account to create edit and delete meetings created via Teachfloor.

We need some user details like your Zoom account ID to uninstall the application from our platform when you deauthorized our application.


If you like to revoke the permission of Teachfloor to access your Zoom API, you can do it in 2 ways, directly from your Zoom marketplace, or from your Teachfloor account.

Full Removal

  1. Login to your Zoom account

  2. Select the app you like to uninstall

  3. Click on uninstall

Disconnect Only

  1. Login to your Teachfloor account

  2. Click on Setting and then Integrations

  3. Finally, Revoke access


When a course Zoom meeting is not updating while editing an element, try reinstalling the Zoom app from Settings > Integrations.

Support & Help

If you are unable to use Zoom integration or having any troubles please feel free to contact support in any of the following ways

  1. Contact us using the live chat you can find in the bottom right of our website, in order to talk with one of our support team members.

  2. Alternatively, you can write to us at support (at) teachfloor.com

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