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Manage your account: profile, email, password
Manage your account: profile, email, password

Step by step guide to manage/update your account details.

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In the account settings, it is possible to make changes to the name, profile image, email, and password. The first step is to click at the top right where the name appears in order to open the dropdown, then click on the Account link.

Change Account Details

In the first section of the account page, it is possible to add and edit the profile image, just drag and drop the image inside the Avatar field.

Manage your account

In the same section, you can also edit the information about the First Name and Last Name of the account holder.

Remember to click on the Save button after editing the information.

Change Email Details

The email connected to the account can be changed by clicking on the Change Email button.

profile image

and then entering the new email in the popup and clicking on the Update Email button.

add email

Once you added the new email, click on Update Email.

You will receive an email from Teachfloor in your inbox to confirm the email associated with your account.

Change Password

In order to change the password, first of all, you need to
verify the current password, enter the new password in both fields New Password and Verify New Password, save your edits by clicking on Change Password.

change password

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