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Create lessons with any live conferencing tool
Create lessons with any live conferencing tool

Guide on creating lessons with live conferencing tools.

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Hello and welcome to our step-by-step guide for creating lessons with any live conferencing tool in your course on Teachfloor.

Let's divide it into two sections:

1. Zoom

We have written an in-depth guide of how to create a lesson with Zoom. Click here to read it.

2. Any Other Live Conferencing Tool

Since Teachfloor provides a dedicated element for Zoom, and users can use it directly if they are using Zoom. However, we understand that it's not always the case. So, we make a new element names "Meeting Link".

Using this element you can use any live conferencing tool, you can use any other live conferencing tool to create a lesson with.

How to add "Meeting Link" element?

When you will come to Curriculum page on the course you want to add a lesson using meeting link element and edit it. You will see a (+) Add Element.

Click on (+) Add Element on the left side of the screen. And click the Meeting Link.

Different settings in Meeting Link element

Settings of Meeting Link element is divided into four major portions:

1. General Settings

(See screenshot below)

In the general settings, you can set the following settings;

  • Cover Image - Add a cover image to your live conference module that will reflect the importance of the conference.

  • Name - Give a descriptive name to the live conference, maybe referring to the lesson’s the quiz is linked to or the topic covered.

  • Description - This space can be used to add details regarding the live conference and all the information the students might need previous to attending the live conference.

  • Resources - This space can be used to add details regarding the live class and all the information the students might need before attending the live conference.

  • Display Description on Top - Enabling this will allow the students to see the description and resources on top of lesson.

(See screenshot below)

What the students should be familiar with or need to have worked on before attending teh live conference. Click on the pre-requirements dropdown and choose from your previous lessons or activities that you want to require. You may add multiple pre-requirement activities.

3. Visibility Settings

(See screenshot below)

You can set visibility options, making it visible to either;

  • Manually selected students

  • To specific roles

  • To specific tags

4. Meeting Link settings

(See screenshot below)

  • Add meeting link - You can add the link to the meeting on the link box, if it has been created already

  • Add start date/time - You can add the start date and time of the meeting there.

  • Add end date/time - You can add the end date and time of the meeting there.

From learners account

This is how the module will look like from learners account. They can simply join the link by clicking on "Open Meeting" button.

If you have additional questions, please contact us on the chat box at right bottom corner of your screen (It is not a bot). We will be more than happy to help.

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