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Set-up a multiple choice quiz
Set-up a multiple choice quiz

Guide on setting up multiple choice quiz on your module.

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Cohort-based courses with Teachfloor give you the possibility to create several lessons consisting of several elements or even lessons with a single element. For example, it's possible to create a Quiz at the end of each lesson to test what your students have learned and track their progress.

Click on Add Element and then click on Multiple Choice Quiz

multiple choice quiz

Once on the Multiple Choice Quiz page, give the quiz a name, add a description with all the details regarding the content and all the information the students might need before accessing the content.

In the Resources section, it's also possible to attach a file (either in Word, PDF, TXT format) to the Content Lesson that is available for students to download.

multiple choice quiz

Clicking in the Advanced Settings, you can set up more options as the “Passing Score”.
The Passing Score is the percentage of correct answers the student needs to give to validate the quiz and pass it successfully.

passing score

Scrolling the page down, in the Questions section, clicking on Add Question it is possible to create your custom quiz. In the first field, you can add the questions and below you can add the quiz answers by clicking on Add New. Remember to tick the correct answer with the left side checkboxes.

multiple choice quiz teachfloor

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