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Update (January 3rd)
Update (January 3rd)

Product update - Review student assignments with real-time comments

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Real-time chat

In the section "Community" is now possible to chat one-to-one with other users, learners and instructors.

With this feature will be easier to communicate with others and create a stronger community.

real-time chat

Review student assignments with real-time comments

The instructor review has been updated with a real-time chat that allows instructor and student to discuss the assignment, help the student improve it, and provide feedback.

Review student assignments

Sub Custom channels for the community

Create new course sub-channels to organize your student's communications better

Sub Custom channels

Lesson and Module pre-requirement option

Allow setting previous lessons or modules as required to access a lesson or module.

pre-requirement option

Quiz and Assignment dead-line

Allow setting a deadline for quizzes and Assignments; if the student is not submitting the work by the time, it will be marked as missed, and it will not be possible to submit the work after the deadline.

 Assignment dead-line

Quiz and Assignment dead-line notification setting

Setup the frequency and number of notifications related to the Quizzes and Assignment dead-line

dead-line notification setting

Manage pending invites

It's impossible to manage learners' pending invites to know exactly which students have been invited and eventually revoke the access.

Manage pending invites

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