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Update (January 19th)
Update (January 19th)

Product update - Email notification system update - Wall post cover

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Email notification system update

We improved our set of email notifications, now including more notifications to keep students and admin/Instructor updated about all news; here is the list:

  1. New learner enrolled: Sent to instructors and admin

  2. New lesson added: Sent to learners enrolled in the course

  3. New post: Sent to learners enrolled in the course

  4. New comment: Sent to learners that comment or like the post

  5. New personal message received: Sent to the recipient of the message

  6. Invite to a new channel: Sent to users invited

  7. Dead-line expiring notification: Sent to learners

  8. New test/assignment submitted: Sent to instructors

  9. Lesson update: Sent to students enrolled

  10. Course start: Send to students enrolled

Wall post cover

Add wall post cover to your post, attract more user attention, and improve the look and feel of the community.

teachfloor community

Course clone

Teachfloor adds the option to clone the entire course, including the content. In this way, it will be super easy to replicate a batch or clone to create a new version.

All data relating to the learners will be removed will be clone only the content.


Edit wall post

Has been released the option to edit the content of the post published

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