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A guide for enrollment when the course is published.

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Hello, and welcome to Enrollment page guide.

Teachfloor provides a public enrollment page for each course you create. Each course has its own special landing page link for easy enrollment.

What is Enrollment page in Teachfloor?

Enrollment page is specified landing page of the course where learners can buy (if the course is paid) and enroll in courses on Teachfloor.


Here is an example of a sample landing page;

(See screenshot below)

Where to find enrollment page link of your course on Teachfloor?

You can find the enrollment page of your course by going to the "Members"

(See screenshot below)

Enrollment page

Uses of Enrollment page

1. Learners can enroll into the course using the enrollment page by;

  • Signing up (if they didn't have an account on Teachfloor)

  • Logging in (if they already have an account on Teachfloor)

  • Buying the course (if it is paid)

2. It can be use a landing page, and linked to your own website.

3. It will allow you invite learners to specific course

How students will enroll using the enrollment page of Teachfloor?

When a learner will click on enroll button (if you have customized the button name to something else) on the page, they will open to the following page, where they can sign up, if they don't have an account on Teachfloor.

(See screenshot below)

After learner sign up/log in to its Teachfloor account, they will be lead to stripe page to pay for the course (if it is paid)

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