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Element: Video
Element: Video

This is a step-by-step guide for setting video element into your module or lesson.

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Hello and welcome to our step-by-step guide for setting video elements for your module on Teachfloor.

This element can be used to create an asynchronous video lesson. You can upload a video file or embed an online video from YouTube and Vimeo.

How to create a video element on Teachfloor?

When you will come to Curriculum page on the course you want to add a video element, and edit it. You will see a (+) Add Element.

Click on (+) Add Element on the left side of the screen. Click the Video.

(See screenshot below)

Element: Video student view

Different Settings in Video Element

Settings of video element is divided into four major portions:

1. General Settings

(See screenshot below)

In the general settings, you can set the following settings;

  • Cover Image - Add a cover image to your video module that will reflect the importance of the video.

  • Name - Give a descriptive name to the video , maybe referring to the lesson’s the video is linked to or the topic covered.

  • Description - This space can be used to add details regarding the video and all the information the learners might need previous to starting the video.

  • Resources - This space can be used to add details regarding the video and all the information the learners might need previous to starting the video.

  • Display Description on Top - Enabling this will allow the learners to see the description and resources before watching the video.

(See screenshot below)

What the learners should be familiar with or need to have worked on before watching the video. Click on the pre-requirements dropdown and choose from your previous lessons or activities that you want to require. You may add multiple pre-requirement activities.

3. Visibility Settings

(See screenshot below)

You can set visibility options, making it visible to either;

  • Manually selected learners

  • To specific roles

  • To specific tags

4. Video Settings

In this section, you have following options;

i. Auto complete after view button

  • If enabled - This will mark the video module as completed, after the learner view it without the need of marking the module as completed by the learners.

  • If disabled - if you disable it, the learners will be required to mark the module as completed.

ii. Video button

  • Video URL. If you want to add a Video URL (Vimeo, Youtube etc.) click on the dropdown in the video section and select Video URL and then paste the link in the field below.

(See screenshot below)

  • Video Upload. If you want to upload a video, select Video Upload in the dropdown and then click on “Select the video to upload”, then drag and drop the video file and save the element.

(See screenshot below)

iii. Playback rate button (only available when you upload the video)

You can disable/enable the playback rate option on Teachfloor's built-in video player on which learners will watch the uploaded video.

iv. Progress Bar (only available when you upload the video)

You can also disable/enable the visibility of the progress bar on the video player for your learners.

v. Change the width of the element

You can change the width of the element between Default and Wide.

This is what the default size looks like;

This is what the wide size looks like;

From student account.

Below is an example view for this newly built element. It displays the video you have uploaded or the video of the URL you inserted.

(See screenshot below)

If you have additional questions, please contact us on the chat box at right bottom corner of your screen (It is not a bot). We will be more than happy to help.

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