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Learn about Teachfloor's upcoming pricing and feature changes effective October 15, 2023.

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We wish to share some important news with our valued Teachfloor community. At Teachfloor, we're committed to continuously enhancing your online education experience.

To achieve this, we're making some updates to our pricing and feature offerings, effective October 15, 2023.

In alignment with transparency, we believe in ensuring you are abreast of these adjustments well in advance, and significantly, to underline that these changes will be applicable strictly to new users post the above-mentioned date.

Current subscribers will continue to enjoy the full spectrum of their respective features without alteration to pricing structures, affirming our appreciation for your steadfast loyalty.

Here's a breakdown of what's changing:

Pro Plan:

Current Features:

  • 4 team members

  • Unlimited storage

  • Unlimited Learners

  • Notifications

  • Assistant role

  • Data Exports

  • Pricing: $69/month ($59/month if annually)

New Features (Effective October 15, 2023):

  • 50 Learners’ seats

  • 1 team member

  • 10GB storage

  • No Notifications

  • No assistant role

  • No Data export

  • New Pricing: $89/month ($79/month if annually)

Business Plan:

Current Features:

  • 15 team members

  • Unlimited storage

  • Pricing: $349/month ($299/month if annually)

New Features (Effective October 15, 2023):

  • 3 team members

  • 200GB storage

  • Pricing: $349/month ($299/month if annually)

Good News:

New subscribers, take note! Subscribing before October 15, 2023, grants you access to our present rates and features. Don't miss out on this opportunity to benefit from our existing offerings.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Teachfloor community.

We're here to support your educational journey.

The Teachfloor Team

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