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Teachfloor multibranch account: How does it work?
Teachfloor multibranch account: How does it work?

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of how does Teachfloor agency account works, the sub-accounts, features and much more.

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Hi Everyone,

Following I will give you an overview of what the Teachfloor agency account look like, how the sub-accounts work, and the range of flexibility you have in term of features, pricing, and support.

What is Teachfloor agency account?

Teachfloor agency account comes with one main account and sub-accounts.

Teachfloor agency main account

The main account comes with the features listed below:

  1. 15 team member seats, 14 of which can be assigned to sub-accounts

  2. Unlimited students

  3. White label

  4. Zapier Integration

  5. File storage 200GB

  6. Attached File Size 80MB

  7. Timezone management

  8. Course landing pages

  9. Course duplication

  10. Currency Settings

  11. Bulk invitations

  12. SCORM import

  13. Zoom Integration

  14. Zoom Class Recording

  15. Stripe Integration

  16. Automated Email Notifications

  17. Assistant Role

  18. Zapier Integration

  19. Data export

  20. Custom Domain

  21. Logos & theming

  22. Priority Support

Teachfloor agency sub-account

The sub-account also comes with the same feature as the primary account, with only the difference of team member seats. You only get 2 team members seat one is assigned to the owner of the primary account, and the second can be assigned to anyone else. However, the account owner can transfer team members from the main account to sub-accounts.

Following I have explained a different aspects of Teachfloor agency sub-account;

1. Number of sub accounts

Teachfloor agency account comes with multiple sub-accounts. The number of accounts can be increased at any given time.

2. Main account control over sub-accounts

Yes, you can control the sub-accounts using your main account. It includes copying or cloning a course, assign team member seats to any sub-account and much more.

3. Can you resell Teachfloor agency sub-accounts?

Yes, you can resell agency sub-accounts at your price, with your logo, name, and branding

What are the controls of Teachfloor agency's main account on sub-accounts?

Teachfloor agency main account has the following controls over the sub-accounts;

1. Create or delete any sub-account anytime

2. Copy/paste courses of one sub-account to another

3. Owner of the Teachfloor agency account will be the owenr of each sub-account.

Pricing of Teachfloor agency account

The pricing for the Teachfloor agency account varies. To get a quote, kindly book a meeting with me by clicking here.

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