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Import Quiz Questions via CSV
Import Quiz Questions via CSV
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Importing questions and answers to Teachfloor via CSV file can be simply done in 4 easy steps.

Step#1: Download the CSV template file

First, download the CSV template file at the end of this article.

Once open, you will find a clear structure to use to create your quiz:

Use the first column to write the question.

Use the second column to write the answers one per line.

Use the third column to write 0 = wrong answer, 1 = correct answer.

Step #2: Arrange your multiple choice quiz w.r.t CSV template file

Now, arrange your multiple choice quiz according to the CSV template file as explained in the step #1.

Step #3: Upload it to the Teachfloor

Finally, create a multiple choice quiz module and upload your quiz question CSV file that you arranged according to the template file, to the Teachfloor.

(See screenshot below)

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