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Course Price and Installments
Course Price and Installments

Learn about how to set pricing for your course on Teachfloor, and installments feature for your learners.

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Course price refers to what you will charge your learners taking your course on Teachfloor. We provide direct integration with Stripe. However, if you want to set your courses free, you also have an option.

Teachfloor does not charge for its customers' transactions.

(see the screen recording below)

How do you set the price of your course?

Here is the complete guide to setting a price for your course;


Select any course in your Teachfloor account, and by clicking on edit, go to its course settings.


In course settings, go to the Price section

(See screenshot below)


Here, you will have two options: Free or Paid. If you want to set your course as free, then select Free. You can also add a free label, such as For God's Sake. But, if you want to set a price, click on Paid.

(see the screen recording below)

Step#4: (For those customers who have selected the paid option)

After choosing the paid, you will have to enter your price.

How do you turn on or off installments of course price for your learners?

We also understand that learners often require assistance to pay for their education. To address this issue, we have introduced the installment feature.

Within the price section, you will have an option of installments. You will have the following features associated with it.

  • Installment Interval - You can choose Monthly and Weekly installment intervals for your learners.

  • Installments - You can select the number of installments as well.

Limitation: You can only provide six installments for your learners in both monthly or weekly scenarios.

If you have additional questions, please contact us on the chat box at right bottom corner of your screen (It is not a bot). We will be more than happy to help.


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