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Element: Self Review
Element: Self Review
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Hello and welcome to our step-by-step guide for setting Self Review elements into your module on Teachfloor.

How to create a Self Review assessment?

When you come to the Curriculum page on the course on which you want to add a Self-review and edit it, you will see a (+) Add Element.

Click on (+) Add Element on the left side of the screen. Now, scroll down, and in the assessment section, click the Self Review.

(See GIF below)

Different Settings of Self Review Assessment

Settings of Self Review assessment are divided into three major portions:

1. General Settings

(See screenshot below)

In the general settings, you can set the following settings;

  • Cover Image - Add a cover image to your Self Review module that will reflect the importance of the Self Review.

  • Name - Give a descriptive name to the Self Review, referring to the lessons the quiz is linked to or the topic covered.

  • Description - This space can be used to add details regarding the Self Review and all the information the students might need previous to starting the Self Review.

  • Resources - This space can be used to add details regarding the Self Review and all the information the students might need previous to starting the Self Review.

  • Display Description on Top - Enabling this will allow the students to see the description and resources before the Self Review content.

(See screenshot below)

Click on the pre-requirements dropdown and choose from your previous lessons or activities that you want to require. You may add multiple pre-requirement activities.

3. Visibility Settings

(See screenshot below)

You can set visibility options, making it visible to either;

  • Manually selected students

  • To specific roles

  • To specific tags

4. Source

You can also decide that the self review should be linked to an earlier submission in the course.

(See screenshot below)

5. Self Review Settings

(See screenshot below)

Now, coming to the main Self Review settings

i. Review Questions

First, you have to add the review questions, and when you click on the button "Edit Questions," a window will open with two pre-made questions, you can edit them, and add more questions as well. On the basis of this, learners will review themselves.

There are five different types of questions you can add, to make the self-review more accurate or give it a direction where you want your learners to review themselves.:

  1. Open Questions - learners will write the answers in text form

  2. Numeric Rating - learners will review the by choosing a number

  3. Text Scale - learners will have multiple choices to choose from

  4. Yes/No - learners will answer yes or no.

  5. Information Section - learners will have an info guide for self-review

(See screenshot below)

ii. Deadline

Here, you can set the deadline for the self review assessment.

iii. Reminders

Following that, you set three different reminders for your learners to complete the assessment before the time.

From Learners Account

Learners will see a Start Now button, and by clicking it, the self review window will open with thesubmission at front, and questions at the right side, Learners will answer the questions,

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