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Use NeonCRM as a login provider.
Use NeonCRM as a login provider.
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NeonCRM offers an exciting feature: a secure ID provider service, also known as SSO (single sign-on). This feature brings numerous advantages for your donors and supporters:

  • Easy login for your donors: Simplifies the login process for donors, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

  • High-security standards: Ensures robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive donor information.

  • Smooth user experience: Provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, enhancing donor satisfaction and engagement.

How set the SSO with NeonCRM

  1. Inside Teachfloor, navigate to Settings > Integration, and click on the Single Sign-On Configuration button.

  2. Enable the Single Sign-On toggle, and from the dropdown menu, select NeonCRM.

  3. Enter all required data available on your NeonCRM account. (For more details, refer to the bottom of this article.)

Logout Provider Option: Enabling this option will log the user out from both Teachfloor and NeonCRM simultaneously when they log out from Teachfloor.

To gather the necessary data for integration:

  • Organization ID: Inside NeonCRM, go to Settings > Organization Profile. Here, you'll find the Organization ID.

  • Client ID & Client Secret: Navigate to Settings > Global Settings in NeonCRM to find the Client ID and Client Secret.

  • API Key: Finally, navigate to Settings > User Management in NeonCRM. Select a user with an Administration role, enable the API toggle, and copy the API Key.

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