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Setup the NeonCRM integration
Setup the NeonCRM integration
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Do you know if you use NeonCRM to manage your donor contributions? If so, you'll be happy to learn about the powerful integration between Teachfloor and NeonCRM! This integration streamlines workflows and automates time-consuming processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional learning experiences.

How it Works:

The Teachfloor and NeonCRM integration seamlessly connects your donor management system with your learning management system (LMS). This means that based on specific donation product events and subscription setups within NeonCRM, Teachfloor can automatically allocate access to relevant course programs for your donors.

Benefits for You:

Effortless Automation: Eliminate manual enrollment processes and save valuable time by automating course access based on donor actions in NeonCRM.

Improved Donor Experience: Reward your generous donors with automatic access to exclusive learning materials or course libraries, enhancing their overall experience.

Streamlined Operations: Simplify course management and ensure donors receive the appropriate access based on their contributions.

Here are some use cases:

Scenario 1 Donation

NeonCRM allows you to create different donation types. Teachfloor integrates with NeonCRM to automatically grant access to your chosen course(s) when a donor contributes through a specific donation type.


  • Streamlined Access: Donors receive immediate access to their designated courses upon donation, eliminating manual enrollment.

  • Flexibility: You can control which courses are offered for each donation type, ensuring donors receive the relevant learning materials.

Scenario 2 Event

If you host events for your audience, NeonCRM provides a robust suite of tools to manage the entire process. From creating and promoting your events to enrolling participants, NeonCRM simplifies event organization.

Teachfloor offers a complementary solution for hosting your events. The integration between NeonCRM and Teachfloor allows for seamless user transfer. Attendees who enroll through NeonCRM automatically gain access to the corresponding event in Teachfloor, eliminating the need for manual enrollment. This ensures a smooth and effortless experience for your audience.

An additional benefit is Teachfloor's single sign-on feature. Using NeonCRM as the identity provider, attendees can access your Teachfloor event with their existing NeonCRM credentials. This eliminates the need for separate logins and passwords, further enhancing the convenience for your participants.

Scenario 3 Subscription

Similar to the previous examples, Teachfloor controls course access based on the subscription type. Here's how it works:

Paid Subscriptions: Users who pay for an account naturally expect access to fresh learning materials. To cater to this, Teachfloor allows you to create unlimited courses and set their visibility as:

Public: Visible and accessible to anyone with a Teachfloor account.

Private: Restricted to users who have specifically purchased the course or invited by the administrator.

You have the flexibility to combine these access levels. This means you can offer some content publicly while other, more in-depth materials can be reserved for paying users who purchase specific courses.

This approach provides a way to showcase your expertise and attract potential subscribers with freely available content while also offering premium, in-depth materials for those willing to pay.

Scenario 4 Product

By integrating NeonCRM with Teachfloor, you can create a comprehensive learning academy. This integration allows you to connect the products you sell in NeonCRM seamlessly with the corresponding courses on Teachfloor.

How to set the integration:


Navigate to Setting> Integration and click on Setting next to the NeonCRM icon.

It opens a pop-up to insert the initial setup information.

It would be best to collect prior data, Organization ID, and API Key from NeonCRM.

Once done Save

  • Organization ID: Inside NeonCRM, go to Settings > Organization Profile. Here, you'll find the Organization ID.

  • API Key: Finally, navigate to Settings > User Management in NeonCRM. Select a user with an Administration role, enable the API toggle, and copy the API Key.

Connect your courses

Now that you have initialized the connection between Teachfloor and NeonCRM, it is time to combine donations, events, subscriptions, and products with your courses hosted on Teachfloor.

From this page, you can select the NeonCRM payment type and then select the item.

This page allows the association of the curse created to the price selected.

Once completed, click Save

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