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Integration With Slack
Integration With Slack
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Hello, and welcome to our step-by-step guide to connecting Teachfloor with Slack.

Slack is an app for professional communication. Most organizations use it for their internal and community communications.

Prerequisites of connecting Teachfloor with Slack

1. Teachfloor account

I am pretty, you will have your Teachfloor account fully ready, and created. In case, it's not, click here to create a new one.

2. Slack account

You should also have a Slack account. If you don't, click here to create one.

Now let's see how to connect Teachfloor to Slack.

Step #1: Go to the integrations section on your Teachfloor account's settings

Log in to your Teachfloor account, click on Settings, then Integrations.

​(See screenshot below)

Step #2: Connect Slack

Now click on the Connect to Slack button. You will see a screen saying the following things;

1. Enable external community. Although we have an in-app community feature, if you have your community already made on Slack, you can easily use it.

2. Provider - Select Slack for its provider.

3. Slack URL - Select the Slack URL that will be linked to the community.

​(See screenshot below)

Step #3: Click on save

Ta-da! your Slack has been successfully connected to your Teachfloor account. You will the Slack icon at the top header as well. Click on it to redirect to your Slack community.

​(See screenshot below)

If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us on the chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen (it is not a bot). We will be more than happy to help.


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