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How to use Teachfloor from learner's prespective?
How to use Teachfloor from learner's prespective?

Learn how students will see the Teachfloor, and what setting options they have.

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Hi there! Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to use Teachfloor from a learner's point of view.

Before you get started, we suggest reading our earlier article on how to invite learners to your courses on Teachfloor. After you've invited the learners using any method, they'll go to the sign-up page if you're not using SSO. However, invited learners will enroll using the provided ID for SSO customers.

Learner's Interface

Learners will have a simple interface, as you can see in the image below. Learners will not have the More and Setting button on the header.

(See screenshot below)

Learner's Course page

On the course page, learners have three options;

  • My courses - Learners will have all the courses listed that have been started by it

  • Available courses - Learners will see the courses that you set public

  • Invitation - Learners will see the invitations to the private course

(See screenshot below)

However, once inside the course, learners will only see the course, curriculum, and their progress page.


Learners can read the course description and an overview of all the different modules of the course.

(See screenshot below)


Learners can begin the course curriculum and mark each part as completed once they finish it. The completed module will marked with a green tick on the left side of your screen,

(See screenshot below)


Learners can see their progress of the course and quiz average score.

(See screenshot below)

Learner's Community Page

Larner's community page works much like the instructor's. Learners can ask questions and send messages to other learners, instructors, or assistants personally.

(See screenshot below)

Learner's Teachfloor account settings​

When you click on your name in the top right corner of the interface, a dropdown will pop up. You have to select account settings in it.

(See screenshot below)

Now, when you click on account settings, you'll find a series of settings that you can personalize.

1. Account details

In this section, the learner has the following settings;

  • Avatar - Learner can upload an image

  • First name - Learner can insert/change his first name

  • Laster name - Learner can insert/change his last name

  • Change email address - Learner can change his email address,

(See screenshot below)

2. Password

Learners can change their password by inserting the current one.

(See screenshot below)

3. Social links

Learners can provide social links of Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter), and Instagram on their Teachfloor account.

(See screenshot below)

4. Localization

Learners can adjust the interface's timezone, ensuring that notifications and deadlines appear according to their selected timezone.

(See screenshot below)

5. Zoom Account

When learners will click on connect button, a window from zoom will appeared and learner will log in using its credential safely and secure and integrate it to Teachfloor.

(See screenshot below)

6. Delete Account

Learners can also delete their account from Teachfloor without leaving a zero data, as Teachfloor never stores or sells any data. Simply click on red Delete button and ta da.

(See screenshot below)

Learner's dark/light mode

Learners can change the theme of the interface by clicking on the top right corner of the interface, and when a dropdown window appears select either dark or light mode.

(See screenshot below)

Learners can switch between organizations

If you enrolled at two different organizations and both using Teachfloor, you can enroll to both of them without letting the organizations know that you are also taking other organization courses. Simply, when you click on the top right corner of the interface and when a dropdown window appears, click on switch organization, and get switched accordingly.

(See screenshot below)

Support & Help

If you are unable to use Zoom integration or having any troubles please feel free to contact support in any of the following ways

  1. Contact us using the live chat you can find in the bottom right of our website, in order to talk with one of our support team members.

  2. Alternatively, you can write to us at [email protected]

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