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Learn more about pre-made sequences to create assessments easier.

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What are Sequences?

Sequences are preset workflows that bring together various activities such as submissions, peer reviews, self-reviews, instructor assessments, and feedback reflections.

They help you organize your courses in a clear way and lead students through a structured learning path that focuses on evaluating both themselves and their peers.

Where to Find Sequences?

You will find sequences, right below the assessment tools, when adding a module.

Types of sequences

1. Instructor Review Sequence

Submission + Instructor Review - This streamlined sequence ensures students submit their work before receiving valuable feedback from you.

2. Peer Review Sequence

Submission + Peer Review + Feedback Reflection - Cultivate a collaborative learning environment by encouraging students to analyze and learn from

3. Peer and Self Review Sequence

Submission + Peer Review + Self Review + Feedback Reflection - Empower students to become self-directed learners through a comprehensive sequence that combines peer and self-reflection.

4. Self Review Sequence

Submission + Self Review - Encourage students to take ownership of their learning by reflecting on their work before submitting it for your review.

Using these sequences will make your course creation process easier.

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